Bringing Interiors To Life

Focusing on bringing interiors to life, Zaab Homewares is a new, contemporary, chic and most importantly affordable home decor label to come out of the Basford Brands stable. From a wide range of cushion designs and fashionable throws, Zaab’s product range will increase and evolve over time.

At Zaab Homewares we focus on fashion and affordability. We strive to ensure our products are on trend, in colour and style, while delivering them at a price to inspire all home decorators.

Incorporating Zaab Homewares into your decor is one of the most effective and easiest ways to instantly transform an old piece of furniture or change the look of a room.

With over 30 years experience in sourcing, manufacturing and supply, the team at Zaab Homewares promises superior customer service and quality.

Our Zaab product range is created and developed with decor coordination front of mind. We aim for different textures, designs and colours that will simply work when mixed together in yours and your customer’s homes.